Hina Bakht with artisans and business women of Uzbekistan

Bridging Cultures: The Birth of Madinah Modest Wear

The idea of Madinah Modest Wear was born from my personal experiences and a deep sense of purpose. It all started when I discovered Uzbekistan, and visited the vibrant bazaars of the ancient Silk Road in Margilan, Fergana Valley, Samarkand and Bukhara. As I immersed myself in these bustling marketplaces, I was struck by the sea of talented women sellers, brimming with exquisite products, yet lacking the means to reach a global customer base.

Driven by a determination to bridge this gap, I embarked on an exciting journey. I vividly remember the early mornings, braving the biting cold at 3 am, as I ventured into the bazaars to procure their remarkable creations. The bazaars would come alive in the winter, starting as early as 4 am. In those quiet moments before dawn, I felt a sense of purpose, knowing that I was playing a vital role in connecting these talented women to the global market.

Having traveled extensively around the world, I couldn't help but notice the abundance of beautiful scarves adorning people's outfits. However, there was one thing missing - the enchanting allure of Uzbekistan. It struck me that Uzbekistan, with its rich heritage of producing exquisite silk scarves, had so much to offer. Inspired by this realization, I was driven to bring the beauty and craftsmanship of Uzbek scarves to the global stage.

Madinah Modest Wear emerged as a platform to showcase the remarkable talent of these women artisans and to introduce the world to the captivating charm of Uzbekistan's silk scarves. It became my mission to make these products accessible to a broader audience, transcending geographical boundaries and cultural barriers.

In this endeavor, Madinah Modest Wear has become more than just a business venture. It is a testament to my unwavering belief in empowering women and preserving cultural heritage. Through this platform, I aim to uplift the lives of these talented women and their communities, providing them with meaningful business opportunities and a chance to showcase their skills to the world.

I am committed to nurturing this vision, making Madinah Modest Wear a symbol of empowerment, inclusivity, and the celebration of cultural diversity.



Hina Bakht is a highly accomplished business and revenue management professional, bringing over 20 years of expertise in digital marketing and e-commerce to her role as Founder and Managing Director of Madinah Modest Wear. Holding a Master’s Degree from Delhi School of Economics, Hina has further augmented her knowledge and skills through specialized certifications from renowned institutes. These certifications include Blockchain for Financial Services from INSEAD, Leadership: Creating Public Value from Harvard University, Online Distribution, Revenue, and Demand Management Specialization from ESSEC Business School, and AI Applications in Marketing and Finance from the University of Pennsylvania.

Hina's profound understanding of market dynamics has enabled her to implement successful multi-channel marketing strategies across diverse industries such as hospitality, finance, technology, fashion, and healthcare. Throughout her extensive career based in the UAE, Hina has showcased exceptional expertise in launching and positioning brands. Her strategic leadership and expertise are pivotal in driving Madinah Modest Wear towards its mission of empowering women and preserving cultural heritage.
Hina Bakht
Founder and Managing Director
Madinah Modest Wear
Nodira Tursunova
Partner & Executive Director
Madinah Modest Wear


Nodira Tursunova is a young and dynamic businesswoman from Tashkent, serving as the Partner and Executive Director of Madinah Modest Wear. Holding a Bachelors’ degree from the National institute of Fine arts and Design named after Kamoliddin Behzod, Nodira brings a unique perspective to the team.

Her passion for empowering women and promoting cultural heritage of her country has been instrumental in shaping the vision of Madinah Modest Wear. With her strong business acumen and dedication to fostering entrepreneurship, Nodira plays a crucial role in driving the growth and success of the company.

Her enthusiasm and forward-thinking approach contribute to the development and execution of strategic initiatives, ensuring the platform effectively showcases the remarkable talent of women artisans while bridging cultural boundaries.

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