Madinah Modest Wear Launches Niche E-Commerce Portal, Empowering Women and Preserving Cultural Heritage

Madinah Modest Wear, a pioneering e-commerce fashion project ‘By Women, For Women’, proudly announces the launch of its new online portal offering a wide range of scarves, hijabs, and accessories. With a mission to empower women and preserve cultural heritage, Madinah Modest Wear has been developed by entrepreneurs Hina Bakht, Founder and Managing Director of Madinah Modest Wear based in Dubai, and Nodira Tursunova, Partner and Executive Director based in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. This exciting venture signifies the ongoing business collaboration between the United Arab Emirates and Uzbekistan, both driven by a vision to power the digital economy through innovation and collaboration.

According to Hina, Madinah Modest Wear's primary objective is to provide meaningful business opportunities to tribal and rural women through its e-commerce platform tapping into the potential of cross-border cooperation. “By showcasing their talent, skills, and craftsmanship, the portal aims to uplift rural communities while preserving their rich cultural heritage through digital transformation.”

The company is committed to fair trade practices, offering training and support to foster economic independence, enhance self-esteem, and contribute to the sustainable development of marginalized communities, particularly in Uzbekistan and other parts of Central Asia.

From a consumer perspective, Madinah Modest Wear aims to provide the freedom and choice to women to embrace their unique style while adhering to their cultural and regional values. Recognizing the growing demand for modest fashion worldwide, the company aspires to become a prominent global player in the industry.

Hina, who is a highly accomplished business and revenue management professional, brings over 20 years of expertise in digital marketing and e-commerce to her role as Founder and Managing Director of Madinah Modest Wear. Holding a Master’s Degree from Delhi School of Economics, Hina has further augmented her knowledge and skills through specialized certifications from renowned institutes. These certifications include Blockchain for Financial Services from INSEAD, Leadership: Creating Public Value from Harvard University, Online Distribution, Revenue, and Demand Management Specialization from ESSEC Business School, and AI Applications in Marketing and Finance from the University of Pennsylvania.

Hina stressed, “The positive social impact of our project is substantial, starting with the local rural community. By supporting local businesses, Madinah Modest Wear aims to foster economic growth, encourage entrepreneurship, and strengthen the regional economy. The growth of Madinah Modest Wear's portal will create numerous employment opportunities for residents, benefiting individuals and families across various regions across Central Asia. This, in turn, will enhance their livelihoods, contribute to poverty reduction, and promote economic stability. With improved living standards, individuals and families will be able to invest in education, healthcare, housing, and actively participate in the local economy.”

Environmental sustainability too is a core value for Madinah Modest Wear. Minimizing its ecological footprint, the company is dedicated to implementing sustainable practices throughout its operations, utilizing energy-efficient technologies, renewable energy sources, and responsible waste management strategies. Madinah Modest Wear aims to preserve the natural beauty of the environment and protect local ecosystems. Showcases its commitment to promoting a greener and more sustainable fashion industry, Madinah Modest Wear proudly features garments made from organically grown cotton and silk, which are cultivated without the use of harmful pesticides and chemicals.

The global modest wear market is experiencing rapid growth, driven by increasing cultural diversity, evolving fashion trends, and rising awareness of modest fashion. According to industry reports, it is projected to reach $484 billion by 2025, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.6%. With a focus on quality, diversity, and affordability, Madinah Modest Wear is poised to capture a notable market share in this expanding industry.

To learn more about Madinah Modest Wear and explore its exquisite collection, visit the official website at

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